Advance Logistics & Protective Security Executive Protection Recruiting and Training


People are the most important asset of every company. Protecting them is paramount. However, security should not adversely affect corporate messaging or slow business efficiency. OPSEC Alliance members have a proven track record in enhancing messaging and accelerating efficiency, all the while securing your executive team. We have advanced 3 U.S. Presidents, Cabinet members, numerous CEO’s, dignitaries and celebrities; planning, coordinating and/or supporting all aspects of messaging, scheduling, command and control and security.

Our teams understand the importance of public facing meetings, appearances and events and how they can effectively support and shape your corporate communication goals. More importantly, we know the importance of OTR (off the record) meetings and how they can greatly enhance competitive advantage in your market sector while at the same time supporting counter intelligence initiatives. Shareholder responsibility demands security and continuity. Our team members are sales & messaging oriented; while at the same time being logistical, security, threat assessment and protective detail experts. We can ensure your safety and accelerate your managements’ efficiency as they conduct themselves worldwide.

Former President George W. Bush poses at the 10 year anniversary memorial of 9/11 President Barack Obama arrives via helicopter - advance logistics, protective security Air Force One – Air Force One, advance logistics, protective security